Convicted murderer Andrew Davis dies in prison

Convicted murderer Andrew Davis dies in prison

Loved one: “He died fighting for what he was supposed to have”

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Convicted murderer Andrew Davis died at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services last night, Eyewitness News can confirm.

Davis was convicted along with Stephen “Die” Stubbs of the 1999 murder of Constable Jimmy Ambrose and the attempted murder of Marcian Scott.

He was appealing the conviction before the Privy Council.

Details surrounding Davis’ death remain unclear, and calls placed to prison officials this morning were not successful.

However, several prison officers confirmed Davis’ death last night.

Several voice notes purported to be from Davis have also been circulated.

Andrew Davis

In the audio, Davis can be heard expressing concerns about his health.

“I ain’t know what going on with me I’m trembling, I getting weak, and I getting a fever again,” he said.

“I don’t know I have to go back in medical tonight so if ya’ll ain hear from me, I gone in medical.”

In another voice note, Davis said: “They ain’t giving me nothing, I send the commissary list and nothing on it healthy for me.”

“They playing a game man. I feel bad beh, this fever killing me, you know? Like I weak weak weak, I can’t press no button, man my bones and my hip bone.”

The Fox Hill Road facility has been on lockdown since the country recorded its first case in mid-March with general visitation suspended indefinitely.

Eyewitness News received a letter from Davis in April detailing his concerns over alleged deteriorating conditions at the prison due to the COVID-19 lockdown, and what he believed to be improper management of health protocols.

He would send several other letters over the next few months seeking to call attention to health concerns.

Davis’ girlfriend also confirmed his death during an interview with Eyewitness News this morning.

She sobbed during the call, speaking under the condition of anonymity at this time.

She said: “He just say he have a fever, say the fever coming back. That was yesterday at 6.19pm he said the fever coming back.

“Someone called me, the prison never called. He was saying he was sick from last week. He said he had chills and a fever. I asked him if they ever did a test but he never answered. From last week he was weak, I notice he wasn’t calling as much and when he call, he wasn’t talking long.

“He was fighting, from when the pandemic hit and they close it down. He was just trying to get his food, his vitamins, his healthy stuff. I went to everybody, the media, I messaged Marvin Dames, Commissioner Murphy, everybody. I sent it to all of them.

“I just want them to know the system failed him and he died trying to get what he needed.”

Davis wrote to Murphy several times to make an appeal for his special diet due to prevailing health issues; however, his family says it’s unclear whether his letters have been delivered.

In a letter dated April 1, and obtained by Eyewitness News, Davis outlined concerns over his special diet and permission slips that have previously allowed him to receive produce, cooked food, juices, and water on the gate due to “failing health issues”.

According to the letter, Davis’ medical issues include poor circulation of blood in both legs; high blood pressure; heart failure; and high cholesterol.

Davis advised that he uses a C Pack breathing machine to sleep.

His letter read: “Due to the quality of food and the way it’s prepared I’m unable to receive a balanced and nutritional meal. I do hope that you can and will see the need and urgency in this matter because there’s no telling when this lockdown will be lifted.”

Davis was convicted in 2013 alongside Stubbs and Clinton “Russ” Evans.

Evans’ conviction was acquitted by the Court of Appeal last year.

Davis and Stubbs have appealed to the Privy Council, and those hearings concluded in June 2020.