Complete lockdown until April 6

Complete lockdown until April 6
Pm Dr. Hubert Minnis

PM urges Bahamians to follow orders as two more die

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — In an unprecedented move, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis announced today a complete shutdown of all business in The Bahamas beginning tonight at 8 pm until 5 am on April 6, in an effort to curb the “surge” of COVID-19 cases gripping the nation.

The only personnel not affected include: hospitals, hotels with guests, the police force, defense force, OPBAT, security firms, and essential workers for the functioning of utilities.

In an interview at the Ministry of Health, the prime minister said there were still too many people on the road and those who were “unfortunately” still not taking the emergency measures, inclusive of a 24-hour curfew, seriously.

He said police enforcement has been increased in hotspots, and reminded all residents, including those in the Family Islands to “stay at home”

Ferries that operate between islands and cays restricted from operating.

The previous 24-hours curfew will be back in effect on April 6, Minnis said.

The prime minister said he has consulted with Opposition leader Philip Brave Davis, who aggres with the measures, aimed at saving lives.

“I note a number of countries have implemented such necessary measures,” Minnis said.

“We are still in a fight to protect lives.

“These restrictions are absolutely necessary.

“I implore you to follow the advice of our health officials.

“The life that you protect and save may be your own or that of your loved one, a friend, a neighbor or a fellow Bahamian.

“We are in this fight together.

“The physical distancing measures are critical in this fight, so I say to you again; I implore you; I beg you, stay at home.

“If you want to live stay at home.

“If you choose to die, don’t take our healthcare workers with you.

“Don’t take others with you. As I stand here, I want to live;  I want you to live; I want all Bahamans to live. I want our society to continue. This virus can harm and it can kill.

“In the United States 100,000 to 150,00 are expected to die. This virus will not discriminate.

Parliament is expected to meet at 10 am on April 6.

The prime minister said at the time, he will further advise as to the way forward.

A 24-hour national curfew, and closure of airport with certain exceptions was ordered on March 24.

There were five confirmed cases of COVID-19 at that time.

Ten days later, cases have climbed to 24 and three COVID-19 patients have died.

Two hospitalized patients, who were previously confirmed to have the virus, died this morning.

The Ministry of Health said it was investigating the deaths.

It urged the public to continue to adhere to the emergency orders in place next week Wednesday



While I understand what the prime ministers is trying to accomplish with these harsh laws ,I don’t appreciate the fact that people didn’t have enough time to prepare for it I’m speaking specifically about my sister who has a newborn and she doesn’t have enough formula to last until Monday. she was waiting to receive the money to go shopping for her baby items today but she won’t be able to. Minnis and his advisers should of known that it wasn’t sufficient warning and time to prepare for this unprecedented action by the government. They also didn’t think about the fact that some people might not have any money at the moment to buy enough food to last for a few days as they are barely making ends meet and are living from day to day. Well I guess the government don’t care if a few people starve.

John Canoe, we and our children have recently honored you. When are you going to save us? We created graven images just for you…

To the Bahamian Government, there lots of people living on this Island that receives money from families in other parts of the World to make Ends meet here, We need Western Union, and Money Gram to atlease be open…My Sister sent me a money transfer using Western Union, the money have sitting there for days now and I can’t get it because our Government as closed all of them down except for the one on east street…being that’s the only one open it’s always crowded and the police comes by and shut it down. We Bahamians want to treated better…I totally understand you’re trying to save lives…I want to see the Money Grams, and The Western Union back operating..

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