Commonwealth Brewery to begin curbside pickup by end of week

Commonwealth Brewery to begin curbside pickup by end of week

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A top Commonwealth Brewery executive said yesterday the company expects to implement its curbside pick up service via its 700 Wines & Spirits retail outlet later this week.

Ron Hepburn, board member and retail director Commonwealth Brewery told Eyewitness News that at least eight locations between Grand Bahama and New Providence will be open.

“With Commonwealth Brewery it’s safety first we want to make sure our staff are wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and then we will slowly phase in our operations,” Hepburn said.

“Right now we are doing online orders only. In Acklins and Inagua we are doing curb side pick up. Right now you can go to 700 Wines &, select shop and you can order from our selection of products. We have a 24-48 hours delivery  process.”

Hepburn said: “We are looking to implement curbside pick in New Providence later on in the week, early next week; once we have the proper safety equipment in place. Between Grand Bahama and Providence we are looking at about eight locations. There may be more by the time we implement.

He noted that the alcohol retailers and distributors want to out their “best foot forward”.

“We are happy the government allowed us to open,” he said.

“Safety is important. We are going to make sure our employees and customers are safe.  We will ensure our customers come into a safe environment, we handle them appropriately and we also want to ensure that our customer experience isn’t too much impacted,” said Hepburn.

Liquor retailers/distributors have been out of operation for several weeks as a result of the government imposed COVID-19 restrictions.

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis announced on Sunday that beginning  yesterday  businesses that can provide goods and services through delivery and curbside pickup will be allowed to operate through the week from 8am to 5pm.