Comfort Suites unaffected by past hurricanes

Comfort Suites unaffected by past hurricanes
Comfort Suites Paradise Island. (PHOTO: CHOICE HOTELS INTERNATIONAL)

As the 2018 hurricane season swiftly approaches, representatives for Comfort Suites Paradise Island said the hotel is once again ready to assist and accept locals and tourists alike in the wake of any impending storm.

In an exclusive interview with Eyewitness News, Comfort Suites Paradise Island General Manager Jermaine Wright lauded the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association’s (CHTA) One Caribbean Family initiative, which allows hotels across the region to help those that have been adversely affected by hurricanes Irma and Maria.

He also highlighted that more than 70 per cent of Caribbean destinations were not affected by the 2017 storms and are ready to welcome visitors as usual.

“After the [hurricane] warnings were removed, we quickly returned to normal operational mode, completing all post-hurricane cleanup efforts and resumed all normal hotel operation activities,” he said.

For refuge, many Bahamians and visitors alike that are unable to travel during the hurricane season, hotels become shelters from the storm.

Wright said Bahamian hotels understand the challenges and hurdles of rebounding from damaging storms.

He said that the owners of Choice Hotels International, Inc. (CHI), are intimately involved in the hotel product, supporting the dedicated team and ensuring that the product is constantly upgraded and maintained to industry standards.

“This rubs off on our staff, who take an enormous amount of pride in the property and the way we treat guests,” Wright stated.

“We have just completed refurbishment efforts totaling more than $300,000, to update our Crusoe’s Restaurant outdoor space, pool bar and deck,” he added, disclosing that total refurbishment expenditure to date exceeds $10 million for the entire property.”

Comfort Suites Paradise Island continues to upgrade and expand its product, including its food and beverage experience, which features the Comfort Suites brand’s signature full complimentary hot and hearty breakfast.

The property is a member of the CHI family of franchises.