Clear Solutions Plus recognizes top employees

Clear Solutions Plus recognizes top employees
Clear Solutions Plus and Safety Solutions recently recognized their star employees of 2020. Seated, from left, are: Kirkwood McKenzie, operations supervisor, and Erold Lacroix. Standing, from left, are: Huquell Johnson; Valentino Kemp, COO; Dr Charles Kemp, CEO; and Lamont Stubbs. (PHOTO: AZALETA ISHMAEL-NEWRY)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Clear Solutions Plus (CSP), a proud Bahamian family business with a true spirit of giving, took extraordinary measures in 2020 to ensure that their employees and customers were able to navigate smoothly throughout the COVID-19 crisis. At their annual staff recognition, four people were recognized for their personal growth and their contributions to the company.

The Employee of the Yea award went to Operations Manager Kirkwood McKenzie, whose diligence and attention to each job helped expand Clear Solutions Plus’s client base. McKenzie, who hailed from the hotel industry and is like a father figure to the younger team members. applies his expertise gained in the hospitality industry and customer relations to strengthen people in and outside of the company.

Erold Lacroix was presented with a Rising Star certificate of appreciation by CEO Dr Charles Kemp Jr, while Rookie of the Year was received by Huquell Johnson.

Lacroix, eager to learn, started with CSP four years ago as an earnest helper. His positive attitude and wish to excel warranted him the Rising Star recognition.

A newbie, Johnson joined CSP in August as a temporary worker during the pandemic for a client project. She made a strong impression with her zest for learning and taking on new responsibilities. In a short time, she became a permanent hands-on employee, picking up drywalling skills and apprenticing with senior team members in the renovations area.

Meanwhile, Lamont Stubbs, although shy, received the Most Improved award due to his enthusiastic personality. Under McKenzie’s leadership, Stubbs has become a more confident and skilled technician.

Clear Solutions Plus (CSP) General Manager Sheletia Kemp (right) presents Eudane Destiny Kemp with the Employee of the Year certificate for Safety Solutions, a subsidiary of CSP. (PHOTO: AZALETA ISHMAEL-NEWRY)

Eudane Destiny Kemp, a sales representative and head cashier for Safety Solutions, a subsidiary of CSP, won Employee of the Year. After joining the company as a college student three years ago, Kemp has blossomed and has helped strengthen the branding for the retail store as well as customer relations.

CSP COO Valentino Kemp said: “These individuals were selected from our 15 employees on our [CSP] team and five from our Safety Solutions team. We wanted to highlight the employees who worked hard during the year, and it was not always an easy choice because we have exceptional people.”

When asked how CSP helped its employees cope during COVID-19, Kemp said: “We continually reinforced the safety protocols, increased our communication and strengthened our open-door policy. We learned that some employees needed assistance with new family additions or scheduling challenges due to school moving to online at home, and we made the provisions for them. Our general manager, Sheletia Kemp, was instrumental in team-building and kept us on track.”

He added: “We were fortunate that we did not have to furlough anyone. We were able to push through this pandemic and did not close. This year has been rather tough for so many other businesses but since we offer essential services and gear, we were really fortunate that we could stay afloat. Although we sold masks and hand sanitizer, we foresaw the demand for more PPE (personal protective equipment) and we reacted accordingly.”