City Lodge owner pleads for a buyer

City Lodge owner pleads for a buyer

The 45-room City Lodge hotel and convenience store in Okra Hill was once a thriving business in the early 90s. Presently, the dilapidated building is not only an eyesore but was the scene of the country’s latest homicide.

Carolyn Curry, the building’s owner is now asking for assistance from the Government or any investor who may be interested in purchasing the abandoned building.

“Mr. Prime minister…please reach out to us,” Curry pleaded on Thursday. “The building could easily be used for a community centre for the people living in the Okra Hill community.

“I’m about to lose everything and because of the City Lodge being the way that it is, I’ve been unable to get a sale for the building. I’m close to being kicked out of my home and unfortunately I may have to go to the government to ask for assistance,” she lamented.

Curry said her deceased husband Ralph Curry had set out to build the hotel of his dreams back in 1993, and he successfully did. She recalled that during its heyday, the hotel had over 40 rooms, a bar, a pool area and a restaurant. She revealed, however, that in 2001 her husband hit rock bottom and ran into a financial dilemma, thus forcing the closure of the hotel.

“People would come in and vandalize and that is the reason why City Lodge is the way it is today,” she said.

“Ever since he passed away I’ve been advertising the property, and going around to different establishments, doing everything to see if anyone would buy it.”

The country’s latest homicide took place earlier this week in one of the rooms of the former City Lodge Hotel, which indicated that homeless persons or addicts are using the facility as a means of shelter or for nefarious acts.

According to Curry, she has witnessed persons entering and leaving the building, some even living there, despite it not having any electricity or running water.