Citi Bank Bahamas helps the aged

Citi Bank Bahamas helps the aged

Effects of a global community initiative, launched by Citi Bank, was felt here at home as dozens of Citi Bank Bahamas employees spent their Saturday in community service at the Persis Rodgers Home for The Aged.

Saturday marked the 13th annual Community Day for the international banking institution.

Country Officer at Citi Bank Bahamas Marguerite Butler, shared with Eyewitness News, exactly what the community day involved.

“We are doing a little bit of everything. We are doing a refreshment of paint to the building. We are also redoing the sign and doing a little bit of gardening so that the members of the facility will have something to look after when we have already gone,” shared Butler.

“We spent a day of small entertainment, talking and spending time with them. We fixed the ladies hair and offered the gentlemen haircuts as well.”

Public Affairs Officer at Citi Bank Bahamas Monica Gulati, shared the importance of the company’s commitment to social responsibility.

“Yes, we work in banks and financial institutions which are brick and mortar, but we also want to be people with soul and so we do this on an annual basis,” shared Gulati.

“It’s gratifying and satisfying for us that we have this opportunity to help someone within the community.”

The event was so important, Citi Bank’s Regional CEO Jane Fraser flew to The Bahamas to participate.

“If you don’t have soul in your company then I think you are missing the point,” shared Fraser.

“Around the world today, we probably have over 100,000 people from Citi Bank, working in 456 different projects, just like this, trying to give back to the communities that we work in. I think its fundamental.”

Persis Rodgers Home for The Aged President Frances Ledee, told Eyewitness News that she is extremely grateful for the generous contribution.

“We could not do it without people like Citi Bank,” she said.

“The uplifting of this environment is already making a tremendous impact on the residents. They really appreciate it. They’re dancing and they’re happy.

“Running this operation is not a burden for us. It is a privilege for us, who are also retirees, to be able to take of these many people here at the home, and when we receive these sorts of community outreach, it helps us with our mission.”