Chipman calls for select committee on “fake news”

Chipman calls for select committee on “fake news”
Reece Chipman, Member of Parliament (MP) for Centreville.

After he was falsely accused of appearing in an X-rated video that went viral shortly after being elected into office last year, Centerville Member of Parliament (MP) Reece Chipman gave notice that he plans to move a motion in the House of Assembly (HOA) next week, for a select committee to investigate “fake news”.

Chipman categorically denied that he was the man that appeared in the viral video and suggested that political operatives were behind it.

In parliament yesterday, the Centerville MP said, fake news has become far reaching and impacts every sector of society.

“Fake news has had an indirect way of mpacting and directing our culture,” Chipman said.

“There is a high risk of fake news that interfere with our main economic engines, such as tourism and financial services.”

Chipman, who was recently axed as chairman of the Antiques, Monuments and Museums Corporation (AMMC) by Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis added, that the dissemination of these “falsehoods”, impacts the heart of democracy.

Chipman said the committee will be responsible for taking submissions from the public and garnering information before reporting to Parliament.

He gave notice that he also plans to call for a select committee to deal with natural resources.

He said he believes governments must be deliberate in protecting the country’s natural assets.

The committee, he said, will examine and review existing royalties that are garnered from resources such as aragonite, sand and seabed.

He noted that a line item in the fiscal budget has already been allocate to facilitate the process and if lives will be enriched, Chipman said, it should be done for greater benefit and not capitalism.