Chinese Embassy assures safety and security of Bahamians in China

Chinese Embassy assures safety and security of Bahamians in China
The Chinese embassy in The Bahamas

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Chinese Embassy in The Bahamas yesterday assured that the lives and health of Bahamian students in China are being protected, and dismissed reports of increased racism against black people in the country,

The comments come amidst ongoing concerns of rising tension in China over the treatment of Africans as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19) resurgence fears.

Last week, Bahamians in China told Eyewitness News that as the situation intensifies, they are becoming more concerned for their wellbeing.

However, the officials from The Bahamas-based embassy advised that there was no need to be concerned.

“During our fight against COVID-19, the Chinese government has been attaching great importance to the life and health of foreign nationals in China, including the Bahamian students,” the embassy said in a statement.

“Specific plans and proper arrangements are made to protect their life and health to the best of our ability.

“All foreigners are treated equally. China rejects any differential treatment and has zero tolerance for racial discrimination.”

Some African nationals staying in Guangdong province recently reported that they were tossed out onto the street from landlords, hotel managers and local officials or forced into a 14-day quarantine and random testing without getting their test results.

This came after four Nigerians tested positive for the virus, which sparked additional fear that Africans were the cause of recent upticks in COVID-19 cases.

Despite international reports depicting accounts of discrimination received by that community, the Chinese government has insisted that China and Africa have maintained close communication and friendly.

“China has strengthened its prevention and control measures and adhered to the principle of treating Chinese nationals and foreigners as equals, and will not adopt differentiated policies towards any special groups,” the embassy said.

As of yesterday, the Chinese mainland confirmed over 82,700 cases of the virus, with its death toll standing at 4,642.

Globally, there has been over 2.47 million confirmed cases and the death told exceeding 170,000.

The United States confirmed cases have surpassed 784,000 and is leading the world in both infections and fatalities – which stand just over 42,000.

The Chinese Embassy in The Bahamas noted yesterday, “The virus knows no borders.

“The pandemic, a challenge to all mankind, can only be defeated through concerted international efforts.”