China will offer approved vaccine to The Bahamas

China will offer approved vaccine to The Bahamas

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — As part of its growing bilateral relations, The Bahamas will be among the beneficiaries of China’s COVID-19 vaccine when approved for general use, according to Counselor at the Chinese Embassy Haigang Yin.

In an interview with Eyewitness News, Yin said China has provided The Bahamas with five separate donations of medical supplies, and technical support, including treatment protocols for the novel coronavirus.

Two weeks ago, Minister of Health Renward Wells confirmed the government committed $2 million to inoculate at least 20 percent of its population when an approved vaccine becomes available through the World Health Organization’s, and Pan American Health Organization’s, COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access (COVAX) Facility

Asked whether the country could also benefit directly from an approved vaccine in China, many of which have advanced to the final phase of clinical trials, Yin said: “Of course.”

“The WHO and PAHO are actually leading the efforts of the coordinated work to achieve the final vaccine to fight against the virus,” Yin said.

“China is also making progress in this regard.

“Our leaders and the foreign minister of China have stated several times that vaccines could be a public product for the whole of humanity.

“We are ready to share the vaccine when it’s matured.

“China, actually several companies in China, are engaged deeply in the development of vaccines at this time.

“I’m not an expert, but I know that they are in the last stage of testing the validation of the vaccines at this time.

“I am sure once the vaccines are matured and confirmed by the international organizations, the Chinese side is ready to share with other interested parties.”

Asked whether The Bahamas could directly benefit from its existing partnership, Yin said: “Of course.”

“We have already provided five rounds of medical supplies to The Bahamas, as well as technical support,” Yin said.

“The embassy has had very frequent communication with the Ministry of Health.

To date, there have been no approved vaccines for general use.

However, at least nine vaccine candidates remain in phase three of clinical trials — ‘vaccines in large-scale efficacy trials’ — while another 18 vaccine candidates remain in phase two or expanded safety trials.

At least of such vaccines are being developed in China: CanSino Biologics Inc/Beijing Institute of Biotechnology (phase three); Wuhan Institute of Biological Products/Sinopharm (phase three); Chinese-firm Sinovac (phase three); Beijing Institute of Biological Products/Sinopharm (phase three); and Institute of Medical Biology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (phase two).

According to the research team behind China’s vaccine candidate ‘CoronaVac’, there have been no severe adverse effects discovered thus far.

Co-developed by Tianjin-based biotechnology firm Biologics Inc and infectious diseases expert Chen Wei, the earliest group of 108 volunteers began receiving injections in mid-March in Wuhan for phase one of the clinical trials of the ‘Recombinant Novel Coronavirus Vaccine’ (Ad5-nCoV).

According to the Global Times, the six-month follow-up medical observation for China’s first batch of COVID-19 vaccine volunteers ends on the weekend.

The volunteers will complete the final blood sample collection to determine antibody levels.

The candidate vaccine is expected to move to the final phase of clinical trials.

The research team behind the vaccine is expected to provide a second dose on a voluntary basis to boost volunteers’ immunity against the virus, according to the Global Times.

Several other vaccine candidates in the advanced clinical trial phase have been provided to tens of thousands of Chinese as part of its emergency-use provision.


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What kind of nonsense is this? I just watched NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt where a report was done on China having started using a vaccine that has not been tested. We don’t want it from China. Thanks.

Be aware and alert, of who is offering to you. Known to buy their way in by corrupting governments, you invite them to rule over you

China wants to take over The BAHAMAS like they want to take over the world . Why The BAHAMAS? Why not HONG KONG .It would be the biggest mistake we can ever make second only to allowing China to fish in our waters .
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They haven’t issued it to their overpopulated mini continent but wish to donate their poison to the Bahamas. This was the plan to kill off the Bahamians with their food then expose the world with covid kill us with their vaccine then overtake the Bahamas to have more room for their people to live. China hate black people I watch them kicked out black college students from apartments and refuse to give them shelter. So why are they helping a county that is mostly dominate by blacks? We see your agenda you rat eating dogs the only way you can thief this country is to poison us cause we blacks putting up a fight. Smt and we been worrying bout the hytians

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READ BAHAMAS! The article states that they are already testing the vaccine on THEIR people! I’m so embarrassed by some of these comments- totally off point!

The same China who boldly orders its people to put thousands of blacks out of their homes and onto the streets like dogs, wants to gift vaccines….lol

Agree READ BAHAMAS READ. I am certain if this would prolong their life many would be in line because they do not want to die.

All Corona Virus vaccines are still in the trial stages. It is very reckless for our government to go along with China in suggesting we be used as lab subjects.

What are the long term side effects of these drugs?

Leaders like Renward Wells need to provide answers to those questions before they offer these meds to the Bahamian public.

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