Child Protection Council Chairman commends public, police on abduction arrests

Child Protection Council Chairman commends public, police on abduction arrests

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Chairman of the National Child Protection Council, Bishop Arnold Josey told Eyewitness News on Sunday that he was happy to hear that the police had made some headway in solving four of the six alleged abduction cases with the recent arrest of two women over the weekend.

“Here is an example of when the community gets together and works with the police; these issues become non-issues,” Josey said.

“I am sure that because of information from members of the public and the police working together, they have been able to make these arrests, and we just pray that there is a conviction for these things [abductions] because the community for a while was upset.

“People did not know what was happening and it would be really interesting to hear the true story behind these abductions; what was their motive, what were you trying to do, because I have been hearing all kinds of things and some of them, even as a trained [police] man, I started to wonder if a whole lot of them were true, but this is good news to begin the week.”

Police reported Sunday that a 29-year-old woman is believed to be responsible for at least four of the six abduction cases and a 35-year-old woman is believed to have acted as an accomplice in one abduction.

Central Detective Unit (CDU) head, Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash told media on Sunday that police arrested the 29-year-old in eastern New Providence on Saturday and when questioned by authorities, she reportedly confessed to the abductions. Her alleged accomplice in an early February abduction was arrested Sunday on the island of Eleuthera.

As for the 35-year-old woman, Cash said she would be flown to New Providence and the women are expected to be charged sometime this week.

Josey said it is hoped that following Saturday’s arrest of the two women, there are no more reported cases of child abductions.

He noted that the six abduction cases have led the Child Protection Council  to speak more about what he termed to be “stranger danger”.

“This involves saying no to strangers; not taking things from strangers and if any stranger approaches you, you shout as hard as you can and get away from the area,” Josey warned.

“Parents, let’s be mindful that it is still our responsibility. Nobody has the responsibility for your child but you, and I just pray that we would grab a hold of this [advice] and give God thanks and praise that there wasn’t anything worst that happened as a result of these [abduction] incidents.”

Meanwhile, Josey said the month of April is being recognized as “child protection month” and a series of events will be held.


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