Chemical spill at Rand Hospital lab under control

Chemical spill at Rand Hospital lab under control

Laboratory and Radiology services temporarily suspended on Thursday at the Michaela Virgill Storr Pavilion of the Rand Memorial Hospital in Grand Bahama, following a minor chemical spill in the Laboratory.

A statement released yesterday from the Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) outlined that no injuries were reported, however cautionary measures were taken for employees affected to be seen by doctors on staff.

The PHA said at no time did the incident impact patients admitted on the hospital’s wards, as teams worked quickly to contain the spill.

“Emergency cases were seen in the Accident/Emergency & Urgent Care Centre, however General Practice cases were referred to the Freeport Community Clinic in the I.A.T. Building, East Atlantic Drive until the all clear is given,” the statement read.

“Environmental Chemistry experts, an independent Hazmat company, a private chemist and the Department of Environmental Health Services were called in to mitigate the effects and clean the affected area.

“The Rand Memorial Hospital will continue to monitor the incident to ensure the sustained safety and health of our patients and staff. All services are anticipated to be fully restored at the earliest.”