CHANGES TO COME ON DAY ONE: PLP leader makes final push for party support

CHANGES TO COME ON DAY ONE: PLP leader makes final push for party support
Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis

Davis says no vote or third-party vote is a vote for FNM


NASSAU, BAHAMAS — As he made his final plea to voters on the eve of the 2021 General Election, Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Davis pledged he would ensure widespread consultation with national stakeholders and changes in governance from the first day in office.

Davis once again outlined the party’s plans for the future of The Bahamas and put forth the reasons why the PLP should become the next government of The Bahamas.

“This is a time of challenge and crisis,” he said.

“I’m never going to sugar-coat things for you – the problems we face are serious ones.

“But I know that we have the talent and the resources and the determination to take them on.

“We’re going to succeed because I’m going to bring people together.

“Leaders who are isolated can’t succeed.”

The PLP leader noted that if he has the privilege of serving as the next prime minister, he would ensure that his government partners with key stakeholders throughout the country in its decision-making process and in efforts to mitigate the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re going to start on day one,” he said.

“No waiting — people need jobs now, and young Bahamians need to know this is a country where they can build their future.”

Davis once again castigated the Minnis administration’s leadership and handling of the country’s management.

“That’s the biggest tragedy of this government: a lack of vision, a poverty of ambition. They don’t have the imagination or courage or competence to create transformational change in our country. They only reach for boldness when they’re enriching their inner circle.

“But our problems are too big to think small.”

He pointed to the party’s Economic Plan which is part of its comprehensive Blueprint for Change, labeling it as a bold vision for a more dynamic, more inclusive, more resilient economy.

He further urged Bahamians to show up to the polls to exercise their right to vote.

“If you’re registered to vote tomorrow, please vote. You have your country’s future in your hands,” Davis said.

“If you stay home, or if you vote third party, it’s the same thing as voting for five more years of what we have now.

“And we can’t afford five more years of blunders and missteps and crisis. We can’t afford five more years of waiting to solve our toughest problems”.

A total of 194,524 voters are on the official 2021 General Election voter register. There are 134,108 voters registered on New Providence; 31,028 on Grand Bahama; and 29,388 on the Family Islands.

Just over 19,000 persons were registered for the advance polls.



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