Chamber Confederation: Businesses are adapting to meet COVID-19 reality

Chamber Confederation: Businesses are adapting to meet COVID-19 reality
Jeffrey Beckles.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation (BCCEC) chief executive Jeffrey Beckles noted yesterday some businesses are adapting as the evolving COVID-19 pandemic continues to negatively the global and domestic economy.

Local spread of the virus has led to a rise in food and grocery delivery businesses as well as the local production of masks and sanitizers.

Beckles noted that there will be even more creative ideas emerging from this crisis.

“We are very pleased to see business stepping up to the plate,” Beckles said.

“It is often said that the best of us comes out when we are under pressure. I think that is what is happening when we see young entrepreneurs and business owners rethinking their core business and adjusting. Many of these businesses are now finding themselves adapting and adapting to meet the needs evolving out of this pandemic and that is a great thing.”

Beckles said: “We anticipate that there will be many creative ideas coming out of this crisis not just from the small business sector but the wider business community. We anticipate that we will see a tremendous amount of creativity and new ideas coming to the fore.

“While we navigate through this to forge the way ahead, those people who are keeping their eyes on emerging needs and changing trends will definitely come out far ahead. For us, it’s exciting to see.”

Beckles noted that the BCCEC continues with its advocacy mandate and is helping to navigate the reopening of the economy in a “safe and progressive” manner.

“This has been an extraordinary change for all of us. Normalcy is being defined right before our eyes,” he said.