Listen that is not the bahamians people problem.These people did not come here by plane escort their asses back the way they came😠😠😠😠😠😠this is one of the reasons we chose to change the government because as a born and bred bahamian we are aggrivated with these illegal migrants and no government is dealing with this situation head on the bahamas is already overcrowded with these lawless ungrateful ass people .stiffer penalties must b introduced .Find out who are taking monies from these people.Any captain on any apprehended vessel should spend 10 years for each head and a 10,000 fine for each head mandatorily doesn’t matter who the captain is or the ties he has .you must not b leniant or this will only b the tip of the iceberg.Its about time haiti is held responsible for their people.we the bahamian people have been passive to them for decades to hear them in america and on social media platforms spewing lies and downgrading our country that gave them free health care, education,jobs for them to be able to send money home etc .we are literally sick of them , everywhere you turn bahamians are pissed of at this shit.we are just trying to get bk to some form of normalcy and for this invasion to happen you will not use our tax payers dollars to take care of another nation that we have no obligation to.They are not even our neighbors.Stop issuing out our documents and get them back home where they belong

Let me try to keep this short. I think a lot of people forget that Bahamians do the same thing illegals do. Travel for a better way of life for themselves and for there families. Hiatains are humans too. there country is suffering and therfore they are too. they fought to be free and for that reason there country will forever be hated. There country is veryyy beautiful and rich like ours but like us they dont reap the benefits from the richness in there country. They are not passive people, If any country come to try and steal oil or any other riches from their country they will fight against them. They no longer wanted to be enslaved by The British so they fought literally to the death for there freedom. Biggest revolution you will ever hear about. They are beautiful strong hard working people who are just looking for a better way of life. They dont have the opportunities like we do, so they try to find a better way out. I also think alot of Bahamians forget that we are all ONE, literally. We were separated by different boat stops.

If Bahamians dont wake up, sooner or later we will be apart of a ONE WORLD ORDER and me being Bahamian and someone else being an illegal will not matter.

To tell you the truth if we ever have a war I will fight on the Haitians side

Let me stop you right there since it’s clear your clueless about history. Haiti was ruled by France, not Britain. Yes their country is stricken with problems, but that doesn’t give them ANY right to illegally migrate to another country’s borders and try to enter. There are legal ways to go about things. If they can find $5000 a head to smuggle themselves no problem, they can find $100 to go to a embassy and apply for a humanitarian visa.

As for your claim about Bahamians illegally entering countries, is a load of bull. There are a few minor cases of Bahamians overstaying their entry time in the US, but that is a miniscule amount of people. The US would have yucked pre-clearance in a nanosecond and restricted entry if they had a migration problem with the Bahamas.

The point is Haiti’s problems is not the world’s problem and is not for Haitians to decide to interject themselves illegally in other people’s countries, to be supported. Especially when EVERY country is still recovering themselves from the effects of Covid-19 on there economy.

Melanie you are not educated at all before you write something get your facts straight. Bahamas is the only island the Haitians go to because we allow it, they where put out of Dominican Republic some went to Jamaica they put them out cannot go to Cuba . So for you to open your dumb mouth and say shit like that about the Bahamian people you have to be a blatant Haitian. We are one of the nicest people in all the islands , but we have to take care of our own first. Some people here are not working and can’t afford to pay there rent who is helping them .The Haitian people going about this the wrong way, there are over 10 million people there why , if there is no food and no way to make money there why are you guys having so many children .the Haitian government need to find a way to bring in condoms and birth control and offer classes to prevent this situation from happening..And yes Haitian is beauty but they don’t see it , they need to stop burning and destroying there own land , And anyone who is saying it’s wrong to send them back , should help send money food and supplies to Haiti to show support .Bahamas is very small and we have a lot of Haitian living here now , more then any other island or country is time for another country to step in . The more we do it’s still not enough and we’re not trying to make the Bahamas little Haiti. Plus something is not right why is the Dominican side so rich with Greenery and the Haitian side is not, time to pray to God and not voodoo. GOD is the answer .

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