Certified Creative Wealth Coach enhances people’s mindset

Certified Creative Wealth Coach enhances people’s mindset
Keshelle Davis.

Leveraging technology in your business is one of the key elements taught by entrepreneur and Certified Creative Wealth Coach Keshelle Davis who is on a mission is to foster awareness, growth and the importance of a positive mindset for success.

Her students are primarily women who are either starting or expanding a business.  Her classrooms are online training and development seminars she conducts throughout the year.

As she described her work to Eyewitness News, Davis explained that when pursuing success in business, the business model does not matter so much as ascertaining “what you actually want to achieve.”

She further expanded on the necessary intangible tools needed to achieve success, which is relative to the individual.

“When it comes to success there is the outer world; the world that we see and the results we want, but there is the inner world.

“You cannot have the success that you go after in business or your career without having that clear mental capacity; so I focus a lot on that,” Davis affirmed.

Davis explained the “how to” process through which she takes her students.

“I take you through twelve steps, twelve milestones you have to take in order for you to have to hit, in order to be able to say that you have what it takes to make any particular goal a reality,” she said.

“That’s how my programs are structured.

“Financial freedom is a mindset and can be achieved by anyone.”