NHI consultation extended, Government hires Communications Director

The consultation on NHI has been extended again as the NHIA considers requiring those who make more, to contribute more—as this column suggested weeks ago The government has hired a new Director of Communications in the Office of the Prime Minister Public consultation like the one NHIA is currently undergoing will benefit from a more […]

Nassau Cruise Port RFP: Part 2 – Beyond Buildings and Berths, Centering People and Culture

A history of Nassau’s elite and the shipping businesses they owned may give us some context to understand the current cruise port RFP process. Beyond the questions of political economy, there remain issues central to cruise tourism policy. What would the cruise port RFP had looked like if sustainable tourism strategies were at its core? […]

Nassau Cruise Port RFP: Transparency, Fairness and the Return of The Import Cartel

Questions about the fairness of Nassau cruise port RFP may be justified. Award of Nassau cruise port re-development to Arawak Port Development could mean reemergence of import cartel. The proposals for the re-development of Nassau’s cruise port are in, and three contenders have emerged. Despite the request for proposals process closing on December 7th, there […]

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Let there be light: Remove the covers from traditional areas of darkness

“Lord, lighten our darkness” is the prayer of many a householder and business owner in New Providence these days. We have to worry about many things electrical. We fret about coming home after work, flicking that all-important light switch and hearing what sounds suspiciously like a snigger of contempt coming back at us, when we […]

Cutting down trees to create a forest

In the past few weeks, the headlines of the major Bahamian newspapers have been dominated by evidence of a chronically disgruntled populace and an increasingly dysfunctional economy and society. Consider the following: “Why So Little Aid And Why So Late?: Year From Irma, Islanders Insist Govt Does More” “Wilchcombe: Gaming operators being victimized” “Komolafe: Affordable […]

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