Cashback now available at Super Value with Mobile Assist

Cashback now available at Super Value with Mobile Assist

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Shoppers can now pay for groceries and get CashBack at all Super Value locations in New Providence when they check-out using the MobileAssist App.

Using QR Codes for cashless transactions is just one more step the food store chain is implementing to keep both customers and cashiers safe as the country learns to co-exist with Covid-19.

The ability to get cashback from the app is an added bonus for customers who are tired of fighting long bank lines.

Given the number of Super Value locations and cash registers in each store, this partnership has created more than 130 virtual ATMs for MobileAssist wallet holders to use with the added convenience of paying for grocery purchases at the same time.

All transactions will utilize Aliv Top Up devices installed at each store location which have been updated with the latest version of the MobileAssist® app.

Dr Donovan Moxey, CEO of the FinTech company MobileAssist® explained the process.

“Once the customer is at the register, they simply scan the QR code and enter the amount of their purchase.

“The CashBack option is immediately available. Customers can get as much cash back as the merchant allows, which is deducted in real-time from their MobileAssist wallets.”

CashBack also offers flexibility; persons wishing to simply withdraw funds from their MobileAssist® wallets can simply scan the QR code and select only the CashBack feature.

The MobileAssist app, which can be downloaded on both Android & iPhone from Google Play or the App Store can be loaded using both local and international credit/debit cards.

All transactions, including refunds done in the store are completed instantly.

Notifications are generated within the app giving both the customer and the Super Value Admin team ‘digital receipts’ for each transaction.

Merchants like Super Value now have the ability to run end-of-day batch reports and track transactions by register and cashier/clerk within the MobileAssist app.

“While the admin teams will obviously be able to use their desktops and laptops to generate, print and export reports and data, floor managers need only their access codes and their smart phone to view and if needed print reports,” revealed Dr. Moxey.

There is another whistle to add to the bells MobileAssist offers merchants; electronic couponing for retail locations can be distributed and redeemed virtually within the app.

Whether it is a percentage discount or buy one get one free promotion, customers can avail of offers once they have registered their account.

Additionally, special notifications on store hours, opening and closures can also be communicated to patrons with the literal push of a button.

“There wasn’t a question of if we would sign on to MobileAssist as a merchant,” said Rupert Roberts, owner and CEO of Super Value.

“The ease of use and the transparency of transactions were great selling points, but what really sealed the deal was the easy to use CashBack feature.

“It removes cash from the premises securely while aligning with our goal of digitization.

“It was an operational no-brainer.

“Customers are tired of waiting in bank lines to get out a couple of dollars.

“This app kills all the birds with one smooth stone.”

MobileAssist is regulated by the Central Bank of The Bahamas and its software platform is hosted in the Amazon Cloud, taking advantage of one of the most secure and scalable global platforms.

Once customers download the app on either iPhone or Android devices they have the ability to load their wallets using their debit and credit cards or via a direct load from an employer or government agency.

With over 100 essential and non-essential businesses to choose from, app users can transact from the safety of their smart-phones.

To date, there have been over 90,000 downloads and more than 7,500 registered users of the MobileAssist app.


If a transaction is $100 and the cashier enters $130 on the debit card machine the customer could have gotten $30 cash back from the till. This could have been done ages ago

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