Carnival season kicks off with Mardi Gras

Carnival season kicks off with Mardi Gras
Revelers at the 2018 Presidente Mardi Gras. (PHOTO: DONALD KNOWLES FOR BAREFOOT MARKETING)

Hundreds of revelers were part of massive take over in Pompey Square this past Saturday for Mardi Gras and Presidente Party Paradise Mardi Gras.

The themed event brought partygoers to participate in various fun and exciting ‘deeds for beads’ and signaled the official start of The Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival season.

Beer enthusiasts, Bahamians and tourists alike, enjoyed a premium entertainment experience featuring Nassau’s hottest DJ’s.

“The Presidente brand is known for treating its fans and supporters to amazing experiences, which are complemented by an amazing beer,” Manuelo Bartolo, Presidente marketing manager said.

He said the Presidente Party Paradise launch was no different.

“With Carnival right around the corner we really wanted to officially kick the season into high gear.”

Greeted by Presidente’s promo girls, who donned colorful feathers and Presidente Paradise beads, hundreds of patrons poured into Pompey Squares for beer specials and to celebrate the launch of the promotion, which is underway across the Caribbean.

“Presidente is the beer of the Caribbean and so across the region and as the distributor of the beer locally, we are engaging our customers and creating the ultimate party paradise” said Wellington Seymour, BBB Marketing Manager.

“We are excited that our customers have again chosen to support the Presidente Carnival celebration.”