Carnival Corporation conducts routine embarkation offshore Nassau Harbour this weekend

Carnival Corporation conducts routine embarkation offshore Nassau Harbour this weekend

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Carnival Corporation completed a routine embarkation of some 160 crew members onto 13 of their vessels offshore Nassau Harbour on Saturday.

According to the Ministry of Transport, every aspect of this operation was carefully planned to assure safety and health.

The operation was reviewed and approved in accordance with the Cruise Ship Protocols in effect under the Emergency Powers Order, in accordance with all other relevant health and safety protocols and by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer, the Port Department and by the Bahamas Maritime Authority.

The crew members arrived at 6.30am on a private charter flight from Amsterdam, Netherlands, and complied in all respects with all of The Bahamas’ medical, immigration and customs requirements including the production of a required individual negative COVID-19 test prior to entry.

“They were transferred nonstop directly to the harbor, where waiting chartered launches ferried them directly to their ships,” read the statement.

“The entire operation — from arrival at the airport to embarkation aboard their ships — took little more than eight hours, and has been completed safely.”

It continued: “All measures, including hygiene, masking, distancing, disinfection, cleaning, were specified and compliance was carefully monitored.

“The operation was for crew embarkation only. No existing crew or shipboard personnel were allowed to leave any ship or to have any contact with any shoreside personnel. During this operation — and at no time — has any permission ever been given for the ships to undertake discharges in Bahamian waters.

“Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many crew have been unable to move from their ships for protracted periods of time. The provision of fresh crew assures continued smooth operation in accordance with international standards and requirements.”

The statement added: “We are also proud of the fact that The Bahamas has played a role in complying with the United Nations’ call for the essential movement of seamen, and that we have done so in such a safe, rapid and efficient manner. We thank our citizens for their continued vigilance in enquiring regarding this operation.”