CARNIVAL 2018 recap: Energetic music makes Bahamas Carnival one to remember

CARNIVAL 2018 recap: Energetic music makes Bahamas Carnival one to remember
Revelers participate in the 2018 Bahamas Carnival Road Fever March.

Confetti and feathers littered the streets and Clifford Park, as the fourth installment of Bahamas Carnival ended Sunday.

Artists who performed at the three-day party, called this year’s event one to remember.

Aside from a long list of international Soca artists, Bahamian musicians including D Mac – who sang his hit songs “Dog don’t bark at park car” and “Stop diggin’ in ya boungie” – had the audience doing the ‘conch style’ shuffle in a line. He called it an inevitable movement, as Bahamians know their culture.

“Music is a multicultural language. It’s a universal language, and once you have the right rhythm and the right type of music, everybody moves,” said D Mac.

“That’s something about Bahamian music. Everybody moves.”

Trinidad and Tobago Soca artist Ricardo Dru marked his fourth performance for Carnival. He told Eyewitness News he’s looking forward to his next performance with the Bahamian people

“Every performance is different. You know it’s like Basketball, you know you never know what to expect,” said Dru.

“I’m looking forward to seeing DJ Khaled. You know, he gave me a big plug last year with my song Vagabond.”

Other artists including Destra Garcia, Skinny Fabulous, Machel Montana, Mr. Vegas, Dyson Knight and so many others, including surprise guest Movado, came on stage during DJ Khalid’s performance.

The hip hop disc jockey and the Jamaican singer/songwriter performed ‘Big League’, jumping on and off the stage and amplifiers.

DJ Khalid shook the crowd with his laundry list of chart toppers and told Eyewitness News that his connection with the Bahamian crowd comes easy.

“I got love for the islands – Miami, Bahamas, Jamaica. They’re so close to me, part of my story and my grind is from the islands,” he said.

“This island is so beautiful. When I heard they were having carnival, I told Sebas I got to be a part of it every year.

“If I’m performing or not, they just got to have a section for Khalid – me and Asahd – and my family.