Carla Jackson says Bahamians continue to show excellence with Crystal Cruises and homeporting

Carla Jackson says Bahamians continue to show excellence with Crystal Cruises and homeporting
Carla Jackson, owner and operator of Go-Time-Bimini.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A new leader has emerged in the cruise ship and homeporting industry in The Bahamas in the person of Carla Jackson, owner and operator of Go-Time-Bimini.

Jackson noted that this past Saturday, September 4, 2021, marked the 10th consecutive week that Crystal Cruises‘ Serenity has set sail out of New Providence to multiple Family Islands with hundreds of passengers from throughout the world.

According to Jackson, a number of Bahamians continue to enjoy the cruise as well.

Crystal Cruises’ Crystal Serenity cruise ship. (MOTA)

Jackson’s Go-Time-Bimini is responsible for the logistics and ground coordination of cruise ship passengers arriving on New Providence.

The owner said: “The minute our guests arrive, we ensure it is a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

“From a friendly presence and welcome at the airport, refreshing beverages and luggage care, to attention to special needs, ground transportation and COVID-19 protective measures, we hold an unwavering commitment to extending the Crystal Cruises brand of excellence.”

Jackson, a top accountant by profession, is meticulously involved with the hiring of staff and the selection of independent contractors.

She said: “The cruise ship industry is competitive. We are in the midst of a covid pandemic. Passengers deserve the very best for their choice and the service we provide is representative of the Bahamian spirit.

“I make no apologies for wanting to hire only the very best. I am also very passionate about the plight of small businesses and Bahamians taking advantage of entrepreneurial opportunities.”

Go-Time-Bimini employs over 50 Bahamians and has engaged a significant number of major and small independent Bahamian contractors.

Jackson was pleased to reveal that after 10 weeks, The Bahamas continues to prove we can handle a world-class homeporting industry.

She said: “Go-Time-Bimini symbolizes preparation, embracing opportunity and, once again, Bahamians are demonstrating by way of their experience in the service and hospitality industry and training that we rank among the best in world.”

Jackson thanked her Go-Time-Bimini international associates for their confidence in a woman leading in a male-dominated industry and commended Crystal Cruises for believing in The Bahamas as a destination and in the capabilities of the Bahamian people.

Among other islands being explored, Crystal Cruises’ Serenity sails to Exuma, Long Island and Bimini weekly.

Jackson heads an accounting firm, has investments in several businesses and is a noted “head hunter” with the skill and savvy to hire top talent.