Butler-Turner calls prosecution of PLP supporters ‘messy’

Butler-Turner calls prosecution of PLP supporters ‘messy’

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Former Deputy Leader of the Free National Movement, Loretta Butler-Turner, on Monday referred to the government’s decision to prosecute former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) members of parliament (MP) and PLP supporters as “messy”.

The former Long Island MP told Eyewitness News Online that the recent court proceedings involving PLP ’s appear to be fueled by political vendettas, which she said has made a mockery of the nation’s justice system.

“I think there has been some very messy handling by this administration,” Butler-Turner said about recent court appearances.

“If you think that there was something corrupt that happened, then go about it in the right way; deal with it in the right way. Do not get it involved in your political agenda.”

Earlier this month,  Frank Smith, a former Public Hospitals Authority chairman under the former PLP administration was acquitted of bribery and extortion charges.

Also earlier this month, former Urban Renewal Deputy Director Michelle Reckley, who served under the former PLP administration, was arraigned with five others over a litany of corruption charges, including money laundering, extortion, fraud and abetment to fraud.

Butler-Turner said government is presently falling short on effectiveness and there appears to be no proper governance of the nation.

“Many of the things that the current administration is doing today is not helping to build credibility or any valuable currency for them,” the former MP surmised.

She also suggested that the Minnis administration needs to sweep in front of their own doorstep before pointing fingers at others.

“Corruption works both ways,” Butler-Turner said.

“I’m sure that if there is corruption in one party then, of course, if you’re going to clean up corruption, then you’ve got to be willing to introspect as well and look to see if there is any corruption within the governing side.”

Butler-Turner also slammed the opposition PLP, whom she believes is misguided and should discontinue their boycott of parliamentary proceedings.

According to the former MP, the Westminster system underscores the presence of an opposition in order to avoid the reigning party from serving their own arbitrary interests.

“Certainly both sides need to be very clear on how they are perceived because on one side, you have the governing party with questions and on the other side, you have the opposition who seems to be slacking off because they’re not getting an answer to their position.

“Well, you have to keep pressing that position and if you’re going to press that, you press that in the House of Assembly.

“You cannot press that [position] by sitting outside.”


This article was written by Matthew Moxey – Eyewitness News Online Intern.