BTC places special emphasis on Contact Center training

BTC places special emphasis on Contact Center training

NASSAU, BAHAMAS—Nine BTC contact center agents recently graduated from a rigorous two-week training course. They are now able to address a variety of customer issues through a phone call rather than having to schedule a technician to visit the premises.

The recent two-week training has equipped call center agents to better address a variety of customer needs when they call BTC’s contact center. 

“It is imperative that we continue to train and upskill our Contact Center agents. In this new training, agents learned how to resolve a cadre of typical issues that customers experience. In the past, technicians had to go out to the customers to resolve these issues. I’m happy to say that these nine agents are now fully trained. This will improve our communication with our customers and will reduce any possible downtime based on concerns that can be addressed on the phone. Another cohort will undergo this training shortly,” said K. Teneile Simmons, BTC’s Head of Customer Experience and the Contact Center. “The program was very intense. We crafted a training module where team members were engaged in theory during the first week, allowing them to understand different technical applications and the second week of training focused on practical.”

The Contact Center trainees had the opportunity to work on live customer accounts to troubleshoot technical issues, and during the final days of training, they were able to ride along with a technician to view the end-to-end process of a fiber installation. At the end of the two-week training period, the Contact Center trainees also had to successfully complete an exam before they were eligible for graduation. 

At the graduation exercise held at BTC’s Perpall Tract campus, Simmons said, “These graduates are ready and engaged to assist our customers and we are looking at two measures of success. One would be how many customers we are able to assist by phone and we are looking at how many technical visits we are reducing.”

Simmons continued, “We are doing some amazing things within the Customer Experience space, and this is just the first cohort of graduates. We will roll out a new team of trainees within the next quarter, and ultimately, we want to move fully into a first-call resolution center where everyone who answers that phone can assist our customers.”

Claude Arnett, a Call Center agent who participated in the technical training, said the most interesting aspect was gaining more knowledge of BTCs and how services are installed. “It was interesting to witness the process of the technician leaving the equipment with a customer and seeing how the services are provisioned in the system, uploaded on the BTC network, and then tracked,” Arnett said. “It was also quite interesting to see how technology works to allow us to assist customers with troubleshooting and restoring issues directly from the office.” 

Christina Munnings of BTC’s call center in Grand Bahama received the top performer award after the two-week training. Donnisha Griffin received the most supportive trainee award. 

Archilene O’Brien, a lecturer at The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) who spoke at the Technical Training graduation, told the graduates that they must always give exceptional service to customers and never leave them feeling as if their concerns were not addressed. 

“Make customer service a lifestyle,” O’Brien told the graduates. “Learn to practice excellence without prejudice and this practice should start from home. Always deliver exceptional customer service and know that excellence is an art that must be practiced. Know that it’s all about the way you make someone feel.”