BTC Packs More Value in Prepaid Combo Plans

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – BTC has increased the value in its prepaid combo plans as well as added new plans to meet the needs of its customers.

The exciting new additions make these plans the first of their kind to be introduced in the country.

The new plan lineup includes seven-day plans (small, medium and large), a 10-day plan and a 30-day plan. These VAT inclusive plans all feature one hour of free data for YouTube streaming, free social media platforms, and rollover data.

The Always On combo plan includes free Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp chat for 30 days. The 10-day VAT inclusive combo plan includes one hour of free YouTube, unlimited BTC to BTC calls and texts, unlimited US & Canada calls plus free WhatsApp and free Facebook Messenger.

BTC has also implemented a new auto-renew feature, making it easier to reactivate your plan at the end of a subscription.

BTC CEO, Garfield Sinclair said: “We are redefining value for our customers. We’ve done our homework, and we’ve actually gone into homes and lived with our customers. We’ve seen how they use our plans. We’ve found out what they like and what they wanted, and these new packages were developed to satisfy that demand. We’ve already exceeded our initial sales projections and are confident that these upgraded packages will definitely resonate with our customers.”

Rollover data is included in all prepaid combo plans, and customers will not lose their unused data, once they have the auto-renew feature.

“I’ve continued to challenge my team to constantly provide customers with more and more value, you can never give away too much value,” Sinclair said.

“Our customers asked for a 30-day plan, and so, we’ve introduced a data-rich 30-day plan with free social media elements, unlimited BTC to BTC calls, unlimited minutes to the US and Canada plus one hour of free YouTube. We also responded to our customers’ requests for a $7 seven-day plan. The plan, which also includes one hour of free YouTube, also includes BTC to BTC calls and texts, minutes to call the US and Canada, and mobile data.”

Earlier this year, BTC conducted intense research activities in the country. In some instances, researchers spent time in participants’ homes as they sought to learn more about how our customers use our products and services in their everyday life.

To sign up for any of the upgraded BTC mobile plans, customers can use the MyBTC mobile app, the BTC website or by dial *203#.