BTC makes history with new ‘Always On’ value proposition

BTC makes history with new ‘Always On’ value proposition
Garfield Sinclair.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS –  With Christmas around the corner in just a few weeks, BTC has introduced a brand-new customer value proposition for its mobile subscribers. The new 90-day promotional offer called ‘Always On’ is a seven-day $15 vat inclusive plan packed with tons of value including 3G’s of data, unlimited local calls and texts to any network and international minutes for seven days. Once the seven-day period ends, the ‘Always On’ plan keeps you connected with free WhatsApp for thirty days.

CEO, Garry Sinclair said, “BTC is indeed making history today as the first provider with a customer value proposition that keeps you connected for thirty days while you only pay for seven days. We are drawing a bright red line in the sand today and making a bold statement that we are fighting for every single customer. We’ve talked with our customers and asked them what they want, so we believe that this new ‘Always On’ commercial offer will resonate with them.”

BTC is introducing this new customer value proposition under the umbrella of its new brand campaign, ‘The Moments that Move Us.’ The campaign speaks to life as a celebration of moments, from big epic moments to small everyday celebrations. It also acknowledges progress and emphasizes the importance of fostering authentic relationships.

At the end of the seven days, the ‘Always On’ plan auto-renews and any remaining data rolls over. However, if a customer does not auto-renew the plan, they will still receive free WhatsApp for thirty days, allowing them to stay connected for the month. During this period, customers can add more data and can purchase a 1G bolt on.