BTC expands fiber services to an additional 2,000 homes on Grand Bahama

BTC expands fiber services to an additional 2,000 homes on Grand Bahama

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Grand Bahama is set to be pegged as the leader in cutting-edge fiber connectivity, with an additional 2,000 plus homes receiving fiber technology last month, 500 more than the month prior.

“This marks the most homes that we have released in any given month since we started this entire project, so November was indeed a standout month,” said Dominic Petty, BTC’s Executive Senior Manager for the Northern Bahamas. 

“These latest homes passed in November bring us to a 90 percent completion rate of installing fiber in Grand Bahama, so we have 10 percent remaining in order to have Grand Bahama fully fiberized.” 

The latest homes passed in Grand Bahama are on Pinta Ave (Bahamia), Yorkshire Dr. (Bahamia), Rum Cay Drive (Bahamia), Heritage, Lunar Boulevard, Regency Park, and Caravel Beach. 

“For the new year of 2024, we want to ensure that most of the businesses in Grand Bahama have our fiber services,” Petty said. “We plan to decommission our copper network and migrate customers to fiber in the first half of 2024.”

Meanwhile, Petty said that thousands of customers in Grand Bahama connected to BTC’s fiber have shared that they are very pleased with the service and speed they receive. 

“They are very surprised to know how much value we offer, and they are very pleased with the variety of FLOW TV channels that we have, so a lot of our customers now see us through a different lens since they now have fiber. It’s like night and day. It’s a big difference and we are thrilled to bring great service and value to our customers.”

Customers signing up for fiber services will be eligible to participate in BTC’s “Christmas is on Us” campaign and will have the opportunity to win a brand-new Kia Sonet with one year of comprehensive auto insurance.