BTC celebrates achievers at Doris Johnson

BTC celebrates achievers at Doris Johnson
BTC Student of the Month Achievers from Doris Johnson.

As the school year comes to a close, 13 students from Doris Johnson Senior High School were rewarded for their achievements by Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC).

Last year, the telecoms provider pledged its support to the Student of the Month program, where it recognized the outstanding achievements of students at various academic levels that have demonstrated a commitment to academic growth and social development.

One student from the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth-grade level is selected and each receives a $100 cash prize along with a mobile device from BTC.

Principal James Clarke said this program has had a positive effect on the school since its inception in September 2017.

“So far, we have seen where collectively our students have improved their grade point average (GPA) straight across the board from grades ten through grade twelve,” Clarke said.

Tenth-grader Kadeisha Adderley said, she struggled with her GPA due to distraction from peers.

“When I changed my circle and my crowd, I got a 3.42,” Kadeisha said.

“BTC became involved with the Doris Johnson Student of the Month program over a year ago,” according to Public Relations Manager Indira Collie.

“The aim of the program was to encourage academic growth at all levels and seeks to reward those who are conscientiously making an effort to improve. We are proud to celebrate with all of the students. This effort again demonstrates the positive effects of partnering with the community.”