BTC boasts readiness for hurricane season

BTC boasts readiness for hurricane season

BTC confirms that it is ready for the 2018 Hurricane Season. Rigorous checks, balances, and training exercises have been done all year to ensure that they are ready.

“We have ensured that BTC is in a state of readiness … throughout the country, our teams have ensured that our mobile towers and generators have been inspected and fueled,” Chief Executive Officer, Dexter Cartwright said.

“We’ve also ensured that spares for repairs have been deployed throughout the country for immediate action as a precautionary measure. “

BTC understands that it is important to keep their customers connected to their loved ones and businesses and Cartwright is confident that they are adequately prepared for anything that may happen.

“We have also made the necessary preparations to respond [to] a Hurricane if necessary,” he said.

BTC also has a strong partnership with the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA). Through this partnership, NEMA can use BTC’s text-messaging platform to provide customers with updates.


This article was written TAJARO HUDSON, Eyewitness News intern.