BTC and Aliv still finalizing terms of post-Dorian roaming agreement

BTC and Aliv still finalizing terms of post-Dorian roaming agreement

Roaming service between both providers in place since September 9

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Mobile network providers BTC and Aliv are still finalizing the terms of a roaming agreement, according to Carlton Smith, the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority’s (URCA) Director of Electronic Communications (DEC), who noted that the regulator had approved an extension to allow the company’s to solidify the arrangement.

Smith told Eyewitness News, “The terms of the agreement is still being finalized.

They have provided us with an update on the status of the national roaming service and the status of their negotiations on the terms and conditions of the service.

“All of the issues related to the terms, because it is not finalized I can’t disclose what was shared between URCA and the operators, but they have updated us on where they are with the agreement and to confirm that a national roaming service is in place.”

Such an arrangement allows for a synchronized network, where customers of both providers can roam on each network as BTC and Aliv work to restore infrastructure destroyed by Hurricane Dorian.

Smith noted that roaming service between both providers has been in place since September 9.

URCA had requested that BTC and Aliv formalize a roaming agreement by September 13.

“They have requested an extension, URCA has approved that extension and URCA awaits the approval of that agreement,” Smith said. “The agreement does not affect the continuous availability for the service. The service will be in place for as long a period as necessary and the two sides have agreed to keep it in place even though they are still negotiating the agreement.”