Brussow’s body recovered

Brussow’s body recovered
Jonathan Brussow, 19, of Rockford, Michigan.

Family: ‘God brought Jonathan in with a storm and took him back in a storm’

The family of Jonathan Brussow – the 19-year-old Rockford, Michigan resident who was reported missing last Monday – has confirmed that his body had been found, according to international media reports.

Family members say his lifeless body was discovered “atop a cliff” close to where he and a friend had been swept away at Queen’s Bath near the Glass Window bridge on Eleuthera.

The other person managed to hold on to a rock and get to shore. Brussow however, was pulled out to sea by the treacherous waves thanks to severe weather the entire country experienced last week.

The Glass Window bridge was closed for nearly four days as a result. Seven other persons were swept off the bridge due to severe weather since then.

According to international media outlets, the Brussow family issued the following statement Saturday morning:

 “To friends / family:

Jonathan Brussow was born on May 31, 1998 in the straight line wind storm that swept through Kent county. His mother and I arrived at hospital through roads of debris to have Jonathan  enter this world minutes later.

On March 5, 2018 another storm  (larger than the island of Eleuthera has seen since 1992) swept Jonathan off into the sea.

On March 9 2018 Jonathan’s body was recovered atop a cliff several hundred yards down from where the sea grabbed him.  It is our belief that he came ashore shortly after he entered the water and did not suffer.

God brought Jonathan in with a storm and took him back in a storm.

The Rockford squire wrote an article back around his birth and nicknamed him Storm Trooper.  As a family he was known as Jonathan (Stormy) Brussow. He named his dog Stormy. For those that knew him well knew he lived his life with a storm of passion and a smile that would light up a room.

On behalf of Brad, Carolyn, Alex, Allison, and Athena we thank everyone who has brought joy and happiness to Jonathan’s life.

Thank you also for all the prayers and support we have received throughout this ordeal.”