BRING BACK EXCELLENCE: Educator launches campaign to raise education standards in The Bahamas

BRING BACK EXCELLENCE: Educator launches campaign to raise education standards in The Bahamas
Bahamian world-class educator Dr Patrice J Pinder.

Virtual event to be held March 14-18

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Dr Patrice J Pinder, specialist in education, has created an education campaign designed to raise the bar for teachers and students, giving them additional tools to help improve the standard of education in The Bahamas. 

Pinder is a Bahamian world-class educational expert and a trailblazer in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education in The Bahamas.

Her years of research and expertise have resulted in papers that have been published in educational journals throughout the world. 

She wants to share her extensive knowledge and experience with as many of her fellow educators as possible, as well as the general public.

Therefore, she is hosting the “242 Bringing Back Excellence in Education Campaign”, to be held the week of March 14–18, 2022.

The event will be primarily virtual and will have a dual focus: “Excellence in Education” and “I Love Learning” initiatives/drives.

Pinder said: “This event is free to the public and I am urging all pre-K–12 schools to partner with me on this event.

“All preschools, primary and secondary schools, both public and private schools throughout the archipelago of The Bahamas, are encouraged to take part in this very positive 2022 educational campaign.”

During the campaign, schools will be encouraged to highlight the successes of students, teachers and administrators.

“We will be learning from each other’s successes — we will learn what is working and what can work best in the Bahamian education system while at the same time, we will be celebrating the successes of others among us,” Pinder said. 

 As part of the week of activities, Pinder will be available to answer questions and provide some solutions to the issues and concerns expressed by the public.

For more information, contact Pinder directly at 242-468-9009 or