Briland development opponents seeking to extend consultation period

Briland development opponents seeking to extend consultation period
A rendered image of Briland Club Residences and Marina.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- Opponents of the 4M Briland Club Residence and Marina development have urged the local district council not to conclude consultation on the project, and afford them a fair opportunity to make representations prior to a final decision.

Br-Island Responsible Development Ltd. (BIRD) have disputed whether the Council had given the 4M developer approval to continue the project, in a recent letter to the Harbour Island District Council via the group’s attorney Gail Lockhart-Charles and Co.

The group which had initiated court action to block 4M Harbour Island Limited’s development had expressed surprise that Briland Residence and Marina developer Michael Wiener following a meeting over the development two weeks ago issued a press release claiming approval when local council has not issued the same.

The group is now calling for the Council to formally indicate the status of the development. A judge quashed the development’s permit and halted development in October after ruling the approvals granted by the Town Planning Committee to 4M Harbour Island Limited was unlawful.

The developer had to apply to the island’s council for approval.

BIRD is now requesting copies of applications that have been submitted to the District Council by 4M for planning; minutes of any meetings or discussions in respect of the application(s) submitted; the plans, drawings, specifications, calculations and other particulars submitted in support of any application(s); all documentation submitted in support of the application(s) and prior permits  including environmental data and assessments and economic impact assessments submitted either to the Bahamas Investment Authority or the District Council; any Investment Board permissions obtained by 4M; and 6. Heads of Agreement entered into by 4M and the Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

The letter read: “We hereby request that the District Council not bring the consultation process to a close; that the District Council continue with the consultation process, that the District Council provide the requested documents and information to our clients; that the District Council afford our clients a fair opportunity to provide feedback and to make representations prior to any decision being taken by the District Council on any applications for approval with regard to the 4M Marina project.”