Breathing a sigh of relief: Some shanty town residents escape demolition



Meantime others fighting for their homes to remain

Some shanty town residents are breathing a sigh of relief after discovering their homes had been spared from demolishion.

Residents of the two communities in the western New Providence spoke to Eyewitness News Thursday and said they were grateful that they could remain in their homes.

Others however, are still fighting for their rights and filed a lawsuit against the government Tuesday over its plans to demolish the illegal communities in less than two weeks.

The writ was filed in the Supreme Court on behalf of 177 shanty town residents on New Providence and Abaco.

The writ claims that the notices given by the government to evacuate the unregulated communities were illegal, hence, the group is hoping to block the government from bulldozing its homes until the matter is heard in court.

The group, which is being represented by Calendars and Co., said they hope they will have their homes spared from demolition.