BREAKING: Police investigating Pigeon Peas fire

BREAKING: Police investigating Pigeon Peas fire
Aerial shot of The Mudd, Abaco post-Dorian.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Police have launched an investigation after a portion of the Pigeon Peas shantytown caught on fire this evening.

Jack Thompson, redevelopment coordinator for Abaco, told Eyewitness News Online the fire was reported around 9pm, and was 98 percent extinguished nearly two hours later.

Thompson said: “There was a blaze, but since that time the Marsh Harbor Fire and Rescue team along with the police and defense officers, they have worked on it and it’s now under control.

Asked if the fire had been extinguished, Thompson added: “Ninety eight percent. You can never be completely sure, but the teams are still working, trying to ensure that it is completely out.”

The Peas was decimated by Hurricane Dorian along with other Abaco shantytowns.

A prohibition to build order is in effect.

Thompson said he did not think the blaze would significantly impact recovery efforts in the area.

“I’m told it’s a very small fire compared to what they have seen here before,” he said.

When asked what may have caused the blaze, Thompson added: “I don’t know. I have no idea. That is something for investigators.”