BREAKING: American woman confirmed dead

BREAKING: American woman confirmed dead

PLP extends condolences

An American tourist female is confirmed dead after she succumbed to injuries she sustained during the explosion on the chartered tour boat she was on earlier today.

Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis issued a statement this afternoon extending his condolences to the victims of today’s incident and their families.

He wrote the following:

I was deeply saddened and troubled by the report which reached me today from Deputy Leader Chester Cooper of a serious boating accident in waters near Barre Terre in Exuma. I am advised that several people are seriously injured and there is at least one fatality, reportedly a U S tourist.

On behalf of the PLP, I offer our condolences for the loss of life. I offer our prayers for all who were injured. Our thoughts and prayers are with Chester Cooper and the Exuma community at large over this shocking and sobering event.

Exuma will rise again as it has in the past. I have no doubt about that. We will do all that we can to help.

I urge the authorities to move with dispatch in caring for the injured. I further urge that a complete and thorough investigation must begin forthwith. Given the international dimensions of this and the fact that tourists were involved means that we must not rule out anything but our investigations must be evidence-based and if necessary include international partners.

The PLP reaffirms its love and solidarity with the people of Exuma. It is our hope and prayer that God continues to protect and sustain us all.


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