How can you get pay and not working if government people get pay for sitting home,all employers should pay its workers ,including hotels ,restaurants e.t.c .Thise undividual home have to wait God knows how long to get a few dollars,the givernment workers who sitting home should do the same!!!

Someone please teach this human how to wear that precious N95 mask properly as it should be reserved for our frontline healthcare workers who are at risk doing meaningful work every day while he sits and complains about not getting full pay for doing absolutely NOTHING during this time. Thank-you!

There’s not one single government agency in this country that functions the way it has the potential for and that is solely because of lazy, good-for-nothing government workers that only hold open their hands for kick-backs, bribes and deals to come their way. Lousy!
That man should stop his crying and stop playing politics. This county and it’s people loose Billions through these fools and all they ever do is cry foul!
Shame! Shame! Shame!

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