BPL reinitiates extensive load shedding in NP

BPL reinitiates extensive load shedding in NP
Bahamas Power and Light's headquarters.

Timeline for repairs of downed generators remain unclear

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) advised tonight that after forgoing load shedding today, the power provider was forced to reinitiate load shedding exercises across New Providence, plunging thousands of consumers into darkness.

In a notice to consumers around 7:40 p.m., BPL indicated that in addition to load shedding in portions of eastern and western New Providence in three-hour intervals, there were a number of generation challenges affecting the grid.

The power company apologized for the short notice and the inconvenience to consumers.

Areas set to be impacted between 7:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. included Blair; parts of Village Road; Churchill Subdivision; Windsor Place; Sumner Drive; Shan’s Drive; portions of Pinewood Gardens and Nassau Village; Musha Hill; Scottdale Bedding; East Street, Robinson Road south to the roundabout; Joe Farrington Road, Yamacraw Shores, Yamacraw Beach Estates; Kool Air; Lumumba Road; Treasure Cove; Colony Village; St. Andrews Beach Estates; Seagull Gardens; Marcus Bethell Way; Tyler Street; portions of Boyd Subdivision; Nassau Street; College Avenue; Carter Street; Farrington Road, east of Warren Street; Eden Street, including side streets; Harbour Side west; Ship Ahoy; Café De Le Mer; Silver Cay Club; Ferguson Road; portion of West Bay Street; Vista Marina; Marlin Drive and Dolphin Drive, including side streets; Bahamas Blenders; Bethel Avenue.

BPL also advised that outages would occur between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. in Abundant Life Road, Glendale Subdivision; Old Trail Road; Soldier Road; St. Michael Road; portion of shopping plaza; Gleniston Gardens; Sea Breeze; Joe Farrington Road; Parliament Street; Charlotte Street; Claughton House; Frederick House; Market Street north; Prince Charles Drive, west of Fox Hill to Beatrice Drive, including all side streets; Queen’s Court; Shirley Street; Queen’s Staircase and general area; Skyline Lakes; Lake Cunningham Subdivision; portions of Stapleton and John F. Kennedy Drive; Burger King, Norfolk House, British American Bank; Central Bank; King Street and surrounding area; and Prospect Ridge.

BPL has been persistently load shedding since June due to a 40-megawatt generation shortfall, the result of two downed generators.

The shortfall today was an estimated 36-megawatts.

BPL had 199 megawatts of generation, while the expected demand was 230-megawatts with an expected peak of 235-megawatts.

The power company said it has continued work on the downed units, which represented 44-megawatts of power.

It was expected to complete repairs on a 21-megawatt generator yesterday, however, attempts to start the generator today failed.

A specialist was engaged to troubleshoot the unit.

“We will await the assessment of the specialist to determine a new timeline to return the unit to service,” BPL said.

A 23-megawatt generator was expected to be repair by September 6.

While machining work on the unit was completed by another specialist, it did not pass subsequent attempts to start. A component was ordered for the unit and expected to take a week to arrive. The timeline for repairs was also be reassessed.

Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest has said the government will spare no expense in resolving the power woes facing New Providence.

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis has called the power situation a “crisis”.




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