BPL: Electricity restored in Winding Bay and Casuarina Point

BPL: Electricity restored in Winding Bay and Casuarina Point

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- Power supply was restored to two communities in the Abacos over the weekend.

In a statement, Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) confirmed Casuarina Point and Winding Bay were re-energized on Saturday and Sunday, respectfully.

“These are the first two communities to be returned to power with the use of the 1.8 megawatt generator shipped to Abaco from Exuma early last week,” the statement read.

“BPL employees on Moore’s Island were able to bring that community back on shortly after the storm had passed.

“The main overhead transmission line is powered up and the team is now continuing restoration in the south with some challenges along the way.

“We are bringing the communities of the south on as safely as possible.”

The monstrous Category 5 storm ravaged Grand Bahama and Abaco for three days, leaving nothing but ruin in its path.

Abaco has not had potable water or power supply since.

BPL said the devastation to its assets in Central and North Abaco was extensive.

“In the aftermath of the storm, we are excited to be able to restore power to some residents on the island at this time as we continue to work in the Central and North of Abaco,” the BPL statement read.

Minister of Public Works Desmond Bannister said on Friday that it could cost the government over $110 million to restore utilities on the island.

“Right now, Water and Sewerage is going to be, preliminarily in Abaco, anywhere from $15 million to $20 million, and BPL in Abaco, anywhere from $80 million to $90 million,” he said.

“And they still don’t know everything. So, you’re having immense infrastructural challenges that the professionals understand that when they get in there, they may see things that they could not see until other things were done.”