BPL chairman hopeful no power cuts this summer

BPL chairman hopeful no power cuts this summer

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) Chairman Donavan Moxey told the media on Tuesday that he is hopeful that there would be no power outages this summer.

He admitted, however, that the company is currently load shedding.

“We had an asset this morning that tripped off, I believe it was d813, and I’m sure [we] will be issuing a statement regarding our operations and generating departments later today regarding what the cause of that was,” said Moxey, who was addressing the Rotary Club of Nassau at its weekly meeting at the Luciano’s Restaurant.

“Whenever you have an asset that gets tripped off, what you want to do is spread the access to electricity among your customers, so you go through a load shedding exercise,” Moxey explained.

“What we intend to do is keep the public informed of what exactly the affected areas are so people can plan accordingly.”

Moxey said while BPL has spinning reserves when one unit goes down, it can still cause outages.

He also admitted that one of the reasons why BPL is impacted with load shedding is because one of its assets at Clifton is presently undergoing maintenance.

“So what happens typically is that the unit that typically would take the load is offline for maintenance. So we are working to get that asset back up and running and then get the other asset that’s on maintenance off maintenance.”

Currently, Moxey said the bulk of the island’s power is coming from rental units which uses the more expensive diesel fuel. Moxey said this means customers will not see a reduction in their electricity bills.