BPL: 132 MW Clifton Pier plant online by December 15

BPL: 132 MW Clifton Pier plant online by December 15

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- Four of the seven Wartsilla engines purchased by Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) for its new power plant at its Clifton Pier site have been connected, according to its executive director Patrick Rollins

Rollins said the company expects to bring its 132 MW plant online by December 15.

“All of the auxiliary equipment are being connected,” he continued.

“They are working on engines five, six and seven to connect those. All the electrical and piping is being done. We are moving rapidly to get those installed.”

Rollins provided an update during a press conference at the utility’s existing Clifton Pier plant.

“We are still on for December. We should start doing the final testing in mid-October. The manufacturer has given us a date of December 15 to get the plant online and that is what we are working towards,” said Rollins.

Consumers in New Providence have been plagued by persistent power outages for months, forcing residents and businesses to endure, in some instances, upward of four hours of no electricity.

The new plant is expected to directly address the utility’s power generation shortfall, and reduce costs for consumers due to increased efficiency. Rollins noted however that how much of a reduction remains to be seen given fluctuating fuel costs.

“Right now we are running about 30 MW short. We are working to get two engines at Blue Hills back up and running,” said Rollins.