Bowleg elected to head Bahamas Basketball Federation

Bowleg elected to head Bahamas Basketball Federation

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A new administration was elected to steer The Bahamas Basketball Federation (BBF) over the weekend, headed by president Mario Bowleg.

According to the newly-elected president, Bowleg said he’s hoping to take the country’s program to a higher level, both locally and internationally.

“One of our primary functions will be to ensure the proper growth and development of basketball throughout the entire Commonwealth of The Bahamas,” Bowleg said. “As the next president of the BBF, I will keep at the forefront. And while basketball is a sport, it is also a character-building tool.

“Communities would have been enhanced directly and significantly through the discipline that comes with basketball. I will weave into the fabric of my plan, community-minded programs, fostering activities that will steer our youth toward wholesome, positive and exciting events that replace the idle time that sometimes welcomes mischief. We must think of the whole person and their environment, which is life after basketball, conducive to being productive citizens.”

Bowleg’s administrative team includes First Vice President – Eugene Horton, Second Vice President – Frederick Brown, Third Vice President – Quentin Hall, Secretary General – Jurelle Nairn-Mullings, Assistant Secretary-General – Latoya Silver, Treasurer- Simone Beneby, Public Relations – John Marc-Nutt and Officers – Rodney Wilson, Joemond Jones and Sherwin Major.