Body of young woman found dead on Stokes Beach

Body of young woman found dead on Stokes Beach
The scene at Stokes Cabana yesterday morning.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A young woman was found dead behind the well-known Stokes Cabana property on Yamacraw Beach yesterday morning.

Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash said the woman, believed to be in her early to mid-20s, was found partially nude, emerged in water on the beach shortly after 7 am.

“Officers on examining the body noticed some injuries which suggest it may be caused by blunt force [trauma],” said Cash at the scene of the incident.

“We don’t know the motive behind this latest homicide. Of course, we suspect the body may have been here for quite some time, based on the condition of the body.

“We are appealing to members of the public who would visit this area, if they have any information, to contact the police.”

Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash

Cash said police identified blunt force trauma to the woman’s head and abrasions to her neck.

He said police suspect that based on physical evidence from the crime scene, the incident took place right on the beach.

Police have not yet identified the victim and had no motive for the crime.

“We are exploring the possibility that she may have been sexually assaulted,” Cash added.

The latest incident at the property has some residents up in arms, calling for something to be done with the abandoned Stokes Cabana property that has been a breeding ground for crime.

Residents say they often see people having sex on the property or hear screams and gunshots ring out in the night.

They are calling for it to be torn down due to safety concerns.

Emon Adderley, a lifelong resident of the area, called the building a “problem” for the community.

“This building has been here for a very long time, countless years,” Adderley said.

“Every other day, if not every day, there are suspicious looking people over there.

“People over there having sex all the time. We hear screams in the nighttime. We hear gunshots a lot of time. It’s amazing.

“It surprises me how many things have happened at this same particular location and nothing has been done about it as yet.

“This building is a problem. It has always been a problem and it’s terrible because something needs to be done about it.”

Adderley, who lives across from the property, said his family is afraid to come home in the nighttime because of the dangers it poses.

“Something has to be done”, he continued.

“It’s a major concern but not just for me, for all of the residents.

“…We’ve heard countless reports of people getting robbed, vehicles are always packed up in the night time. It’s very frustrating living in this area.

“We just can’t understand as a whole why nothing has been done about this building as yet.”

Wolf Albury, who lives just a few feet from the building, echoed similar concerns.   

“It’s a dilapidated building that attracts crime,” Albury said.

“It doesn’t fit in this environment and this neighborhood.

“All of us are concerned about it, especially those who live along the coastal side of Winton.”

Albury said he and his son used to walk the beach every day until they came across a couple having sex around 10 am behind a tree.

“The building is still here,” he continued.

“It has to be torn down. It has to be just demolished so that we can all feel safe. That’s just one step towards the bigger problem. We will all feel safer if this building is removed somehow.”

Both Adderley and Albury are a part of a recently established crime watch group for the area, which they said will put together a petition to present to the government.

However, Cash said he is not aware of those concerns from residents.

“I know from time back ewe had instances that occurred at this area and we are cognizant of what goes on in this particular area and we are on the alert,” Cash continued.

“We have our resources in this area that monitors sites like this nightly as a matter of fact.”

He added that he was unaware whether any move has been taken to do something with the property.

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