Blue Orchid brings it home with three international marketing industry awards

Blue Orchid brings it home with three international marketing industry awards

NASSAU, BAHAMAS  – Blue Orchid Advertising and Public Relations Agency (Blue Orchid) is a Platinum winner in the 2018 Summit International Awards competition for its work with The Central Bank of the Bahamas.

Blue Orchid, in partnership with Colina Financial Advisors Ltd. (CFAL), received the Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award for “Education Marketing” based on its design and execution of the “Get Money Smart Bahamas” national financial literacy campaign, which was launched on behalf of The Central Bank last year.

“It’s truly an honour to have been selected for this award,” exclaimed Tasman Darling, Managing Director at Blue Orchid.

“Our goal was to create a campaign that was engaging and uniquely Bahamian, but most importantly, was effective in reminding people to stop and pay attention to their money. It also gave us a great opportunity to continue pushing the boundaries of Bahamian advertising by producing relevant, leading-edge creative work.

“Financial Literacy is about speaking the language of money,” said David Lee, Creative Director. “And like any language, the better you speak it, the more you can thrive in that environment.

“We wanted the Get Money Smart journey to be aspirational and fun. Many Facebook users commented about the progressive steps and prudent financial decisions that the campaign inspired them to make. That’s exactly what we were hoping to achieve.”

By creatively presenting topics like banking, investments, and retirement planning, the campaign website earned almost 18,000 views over a six-month period.

Many visitors downloaded resources like the “Financial Freedom Certificate” and the “Money Saving Chart” to reestablish their financial goals and to track their money-saving progress.

Others used the mortgage calculator and other website tools to plan their investments and manage their expenses.

The campaign also saw great success online, with over 600,000 Facebook post impressions, 24,000 video views, and almost 1,800 Facebook community members.

“It was very satisfying to flex our creative and strategic muscle to produce a campaign that could have such a positive and lasting impact on the lives of Bahamians.” added Valentino Lloyd, Art Director.

“We have an amazing team of professionals at Blue Orchid, and it’s especially gratifying when the quality and effectiveness of our work is recognized internationally.”

Based on the success of the six-month Get Money Smart campaign, The Central Bank announced recently that it has relaunched  the initiative to mark Financial Literacy Month this April.

The Marketing Effectiveness Award is one of three international awards that Blue Orchid received in 2018. The company also earned two Emerging Media Awards from the Summit International Awards program for its work with Atlantis Resorts and Cacique International. The Emerging Media award celebrates creative excellence shared through the innovative use of new media.