Bishop Delton Fernander re-elected Christian Council President

Bishop Delton Fernander re-elected Christian Council President
Bishop Delton Fernander.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Bishop Delton Fernander has been returned to his post as president of the Bahamas Christian Council, after the religious organization held its election yesterday.

Fernander ran unopposed.

The BCC held its elections on Tuesday after being postponed due to the local measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

“Times have been very hard for many Bahamians who are still grappling with the destruction left behind by killer storm Dorian and now the economic fallout from the COVID-19 and the stringent measures used to diminish its spread across the globe,” Fernander said in a statement.

“One such measure was limiting church gatherings to ten persons which meant that pastors and other church leaders had to use modern technology to connect with their members and to spread the gospel.

“As we move forward, as President of the Bahamas Christian Council it is my intent to assist and encourage the council and churches to effectively integrate technology into its routine communications and outreach efforts.”

Fernander said he intends to place focus on strengthening the family unit and their relationship with Christ.

He said he also intends to advocate strongly “to ensure that whenever possible the nation pauses to collectively petition our Lord in prayer understanding that in order for our land to be healed, we must humble ourselves, pray, turn from our wicked ways and seek His face.”

“If there were any time that we need the covering of a merciful Saviour over the affairs of The Bahamas it is now,” he added.

Fernander noted that the work of the church in The Bahamas grows by the day with so many persons in need of assistance.

“I take very seriously the great need for people to feel the love of God through His servants and the directive for Christians to be the salt of the earth as it says in the fifth chapter of the book of Matthew,” he said.

” As church reopens its doors, we must also open our minds to new ways of reaching people and fulfilling our mandate as followers of Christ.”