Bethel: Bahamians qualify for govt. housing; economy on the rise

Bethel: Bahamians qualify for govt. housing; economy on the rise

Despite eviction notices being issued to several homeowners who failed to make mortgage payments for years to the Bahamas Mortgage Corporation (BMC), Attorney General Carl Bethel said the economy is on the rebound and more and more Bahamians should not only be able to pay their bills, but qualify for government housing.

Several Millennium Gardens residents who were evicted from their homes last month by BMC claimed that due to financial hardship they were unable to pay, some of them for more than five years.

Bethel’s comments came on Wednesday as senators debated and passed a resolution which allows the BMC to acquire property on East Hill Street for its relocation.

“At the height of the recession there was no mass eviction exercise,” Bethel said.

“Right now we can see the economy is on the up and up, unemployment is falling, job creation is rising, tourism has recorded numbers and Bahamians can have every confidence that proactive and effective management of the government will underpin future economic growth to enable more persons to qualify for the housing initiatives of the government.”

Earlier this year, Housing Minister Remould Ferreira said qualification numbers were down as many Bahamians were in debt due to high consumer loans. Bethel, however, said that steps taken by the government is expected to change that.

“We hope to have more persons benefiting from the affordable lots programme,” he said.

“More persons will be interested in the concept of homeownership.”

The government is also spending $2 million to complete 300 homes in the Carmichael Village Subdivision during this fiscal year.