BDOC gets 60 new recruits

The Bahamas Department of Corrections (BDOC) has recruited a new batch of trainees for its latest intake.

With 60 recruits beginning their training on Monday, it is notably the smallest class to be selected in years.

The trainees will undergo a 16-week program where they will learn techniques in security and corrections.

Eleven women and 49 men were handpicked by the Ministry of National Security and have been touted as the best of some 1,000 applicants, according to officials.

Among them is Rondell Bethell – one of the 11 female trainees – who told Eyewitness News that she felt lucky and grateful to have been selected.

“I feel blessed,” Bethel said.

“I want to bring positivity forth from my position. This was my second time applying for the position. I wasn’t going to let up.

“Out of 1,000 other officers, we were the selected few, so it feels good. I’ve always wanted to get into law enforcement.”

All trainees are required to maintain an overall score of 60 per cent or above to successfully complete the basic training course.

The requirements note that all officers are to be proficient in:

  • applied prison science
  • institutional mission vision and core values
  • legal framework (the Constitution, Correctional Services Act 2014, Penal Code)
  • international prison policies
  • quality customer service
  • self defense
  • drill
  • physical fitness
  • weapon control
  • emergency preparedness