BDB seeks to strengthen partnership with OAS

BDB seeks to strengthen partnership with OAS

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – In continuation of its Strategic Priorities, The Bahamas Development Bank (BDB) recently met with the country’s representative of the Organization of American States (OAS), Mrs. Phyllis Baron.

The purpose of the meeting was to explore opportunities and avenues to strengthen efforts to better assist Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSME’S).  In addition, the Bank explored opportunities for institutional strengthening and available technical assistance in a number of areas.

Mr. Dave Smith, Managing Director and OAS Representative Phyllis Barron are of the view that BDB and OAS can collectively support economic development, particularly as the Bank works within its statutory mandate to grow and diversify the economy.

As a newly appointed representative of OAS, since September 2018, Phyllis Baron noted that OAS has made significant contributions to the broader economy by working with a number of other Government agencies and strategic partners, contributing 2.8 million dollars in scholarships and 3 million dollars in trade and economic development in 2018.

BDB continues to be a catalyst for economic development in Information Technology, Agriculture, Tourism and Manufacturing to drive job creation, export enhancement and import replacement.