BCCEC to connect private, public sector at conclave

BCCEC to connect private, public sector at conclave
Jim Wilson, Senior Vice President of Corporate Finance at Royal Fidelity.

The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers’ Confederation (BCCEC) is gearing up to host its 5th Annual Chambers of Commerce in The Bahamas conclave.

The two-day gathering that will bring together many business minds begins next week Wednesday.

The BCCEC announced Thursday that its members, and the general public, are invited to participate in the event which will provide dialogue between the public and private sector.

BCCEC Event’s Manager Kristina Lee-Darville said, conclave participants can experience healthy dialogue on a number of issues currently affecting the country’s economic climate.

“The upcoming conclave is going to have a roundtable that will not only focus on Value Added Tax (VAT), but we will have discussions on corporate tax, tariffs, import duties, the entire tax reform in its entirety and how it impacts us negatively or positively,” said Lee-Darville.

“We will also chat on where we will move the levers that assist in the ease of doing business for the private sector that indirectly impacts the consumer.”

Event facilitator Jim Wilson revealed that participants can also expect to partake in some exciting dialogue about pension plans for small and medium enterprise owners.

“Royal Fidelity is very pleased to partner with the chamber on reintroducing the pension program and investment program for members of the chamber,” shared Wilson, who is also senior vice president of corporate finance at Royal Fidelity

“We feel it is timely to look at this option again and get as many members as possible onto the pension program as this is a good time, considering the current climate of low-interest rates, for reevaluating our investment objectives for businesses and the employees of those businesses.”