BCC president: Bahamians must unite for country to move forward

BCC president: Bahamians must unite for country to move forward
Bahamas Christian Council President, Bishop Delton Fernander.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – In his Independence message to hundreds who gathered at Clifford Park on Tuesday night, Bahamas Christian Council president Bishop Delton Fernander urged Bahamians to work together in the spirit of unity that transcends all political boundaries.

He also stressed that Bahamians must display a unified mindset in order for the country to move forward.

“In the national sense, we have allowed ourselves to become disconnected and scattered.  A single identity rallies a people around a commonality that transcends differences and distinctions. The success of all is the success of each; and the success of each should lead to the success of all,” said Bishop Fernander while addressing the annual ecumenical service.

“Whether you are from Bimini, Inagua or any Island in-between, whether you support Red, Yellow or Green, no mature your skin colour.

“United is the only way we can stand Bahamas, with a mind-set of oneness. Together we can with God’s help be restored.”

The Christian Council president told Bahamians who listened attentively to his charge that he is aware that there are times when even the strongest of persons may throw up our hands in frustration in the face of overwhelming odds. He noted, however, that when feeling despair, one must bring their “dry bones” before the presence of the Lord.

“We must not become so inebriated with our power, that we do not acknowledge God’s power.  That’s why we need a national time of prayer, because your power just won’t do,” Bishop Fernander said.

According to the christian council president, there are thousands of people who seem to have lost their will to go forward or pursue a course they once felt driven to follow.  He referred to these persons as “dry bones” that are no longer connected together.   But he stressed that Bahamians should not think for a minute that broken things cannot be restored or that disjointed things cannot be reconnected.

“Never conclude that something that has been shattered cannot be put back together again because nothing lies beyond God’s power and control.”

Bishop Fernander said when Ezekiel spoke, bones came together and he therefore summoned the ‘Ezekiel’ within all Bahamians to call on God and ask Him to blow over the Bahamas.

“Blow over your life; blow over your family; blow over your purpose; blow over our governmental ministry; blow over our potential; blow over our possibilities; blow over our dreams; blow over our ambitions; blow over our plans; blow over our hopes; blow over you and me. But, you must consider that when the Spirit blows, whatever is not grounded will be blown away.

“So we say, blow away division; blow away opposition; blow them all away. Blow away contrary thinking and negative speaking; blow them away. Blow away seeds of discord and things that hinder; blow them away. And when you get through blowing we will know that new life has come.”